socia-media-for-businessWith many people preaching the use of social media for business, the phrase has quickly become an household name among many internet users. While the main aim of social media for business is all about one reaching out to more people and hence exposing their services and goods to potential clients, other people are using the same platform just to communicate with other and make friends. So what exactly is social media and how did it start?

Originally the internet was made only with websites that merely acted as online library. Owners of these sites were mainly involved in providing the content either in form of text or pictures. The other internet users were therefore only merely readers who could not contribute anything to the sites. However, this changed with the onset of the 21st century. This change was brought by the introduction of blogs which was a very new technology. This technology for the first time enabled the website viewers the ability to contribute to the internet content by commenting on the various sites turning the sites into global conversation platforms.

Soon after blogs, YouTube was born. This social media enabled people to post videos online and also comment on them. This technology was then utilized by Flickr and Last.Fm who applied it to photos and music respectively. After these social media platforms came the social networking. Social networks such as MySpace enabled users to create their own private networks of friends who one can communicate with both publicly and through messages. The stage was the set for the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to enter the market. Other such as LinkedIn followed afterwards for business networking. These new platforms are much more advanced than the previous stages such as blogs and they have hundreds of million users using the platforms to chat, communicate and even share pictures, songs and videos.